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About us

An innovative french start-up in the field of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

Created in June 2016, FL-NOVA is an innovative start-up specialized in research, development and potentially the exploitation of patents in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical fields.

We develop new active ingredients based on our experience in medicinal chemistry and innovative galenic formulations. FL-NOVA also develops in-vivo and in-vitro tests in collaboration with several partners concept proving and testing specific activities.

The FL-NOVA team has developed formulas based on Zamzam spring water (a miraculous spring located near Mecca) whose moisturizing and anti-slackening properties are superior to the majority of similar creams on the market. The cosmetic composition combined with the mineralization of the source augurs a great success throughout the Muslim world, starting with the Africa-Middle East primary zone, which has 317,000,000 Muslims, and secondary in Europe, which has 44,000,000.

Nova Bio, the second patent already registered at French institute of intellectual properties, is just as promising, with a development scope that is primarily French and then European. Nova Bio’s primary market and its liquid formulation is estimated to be in Pediatrics and Geriatrics in the OTC category, non-prescription drugs.

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